‘Lost in Wonder’ by Liz Chapman




Agnes never expected to receive grace from the man whose pockets she had just picked.

When Henry Watson offers her honest employment as a downstairs maid in his household, her determination to survive shifts to a resolution to prove her loyalty and worth. But the past is a hard enemy to lose, and it soon comes back with a vengeance, sending Agnes across the seas to the convict settlement of Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land, Australia. Though not before she leaves a lasting impression on the master of the house.

Henry never imagined this woman from the streets could undo him so completely.

When Agnes Archibald crashes into Henry’s orderly life, he finds himself shaken, questioning societal expectations and wrestling with his faith and God’s will for his life. But when Agnes is convicted for a crime she didn’t commit and sentenced to transportation, Henry isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. Even if it means leaving the only life he knows.

An epic adventure of love and loss, facing fear, and embracing the wonder of God.





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