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    Believing the lie

    For thirty-something years, I lived under the incorrect assumption that I didn’t have a green thumb. Growing up, my experience of gardening had been limited to pulling weeds. So, in my young-adult life, I never bothered with a garden because for me all it represented was hard work for little return. Because weeds always grew back. I believed the lie that I was no good at gardening. I firmly believed I would kill every plant I touched, so it was best for everyone involved if I didn’t even try. What changed this for me was when my husband collected fruit trees from a family friend’s deceased estate. Everything had to…

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    All the Things

    One of my dear friends often says, “I want to know all the things.” It makes me smile because I know she means it. When we’re talking, she cares enough to want to know all the things about my life. Well, now the Lord has brought me to the point where I finally want to know “all the things” He has for DOLL Ministries. Because, if I’m honest, I haven’t truly wanted to know before. Part of me wanted to keep it small. Manageable. I didn’t want this seemingly small part of my life invading on other parts that I deemed more important. I didn’t want the risk of having…