‘A Song is Rising’ by Wendy Parker





The Phoenix. A firebird from Greek mythology known for resurrecting itself from its own ashes. In her second book, A Song is Rising, Wendy draws on the uncanny parallels between the mythical creature, the Phoenix, and the wounded ones who feel the sting of abandonment within the ashes of their past.

Through the Exodus story and the life of Miriam, Wendy reveals how this courageous woman’s life sings a song of worship and triumph over each circumstance and transition she found herself in. Sharing powerful biblical insights into Miriam’s leadership and lessons Wendy has learned from her own leadership journey, A Song Is Rising beautifully unfolds how Miriam’s life theme of water not only helped her through the fire of her trials, but she discovered the Living Water became her Deliverer, her Rescuer and her Redeemer. The One who gave her a song that reignited the warrior within.

How do you learn to trust God completely when you’re afraid He’ll abandon you? If you want to rise from the ashes of your past and reignite the warrior within, this book is for you.

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