‘Loving Zoe’ by Jenny Glazebrook



Zoe’s dreams have all come true. Luke Callum Cashman, the country’s biggest musical talent wants her to join him on tour. But is that what God has for her? As Zoe seeks God’s will for her future, she finds herself led to a small outback town and a High School in great need of her musical gift. Or is she here for a far greater purpose?

Matt Amos is still tormented by his messy break-up with Harmony Cairn four years ago. And now Harmony’s older sister Zoe has come to town. The last thing he needs is to be constantly reminded of that traumatic summer in Kamira Creek, and the last thing the town of Ellabrai needs is a wanna-be-star planting unrealistic dreams in the heads of his students. Or does God know that’s exactly what this town needs? And exactly what he needs?

What will it take for Zoe and Matt to find healing, purpose and joy as they see the hand of God unfurling His perfect plan for their lives – a plan that is far greater than either of them ever imagined?


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