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What is YAH?

Young at Heart is a vision that came together in the heart and mind of a Young Adult author and DOLL Ministries Publisher, Elizabeth Chapman.

In a world that has so many voices shouting at us, we are aware of the need for the courage to speak, to own the voice God has given us, and to share it with the world – no matter our age.

Our heart is for all believers, whether young, or young at heart, to use their gifts and share Jesus with others.

Our theme for this YAH event on 11th February is ‘SPEAK’ based on 1 Timothy 4:12

So who is it actually for?

All are welcome at this event.

Although it is particularly aimed at readers and writers of YA fiction, we are sure this event will inspire everyone in some way.

We are all called to be ‘like a child’, daring to dream, hope, trust and follow. Young adult years are full of hope for the future, adventure, passion and discovery. Our young people have a depth that is often underestimated. We want to hear their voices, to encourage them, inspire them and give them opportunities to speak.

If you are a young adult, if you are young at heart or if you share our passion to see young people following Jesus, we want to see you at this event! You may just discover a gift or call on your life that was just waiting to be fanned into flame.

What can I expect at the event?

1, An opportunity to hear from DOLL Ministries Publisher and author of YA fiction, Elizabeth Chapman, and have a go at creating some characters yourself (don’t worry, there is no forced interaction).

2. A half-hour inspirational talk by YA author, Jenny Glazebrook, sharing some of her own journey, encouraging us all to hear the voice of God in our everyday lives, to listen to His call and be fueled by His limitless inspiration.

3. More time for directed creative writing with Elizabeth Chapman.

4. The launch of YA Christian novels:

Azure Blaze by Elizabeth Natalia

Living Melody by Jenny Glazebrook

The publisher will also reveal an exciting new anthology – an opportunity for writers of all ages to reach a Young Adult audience with stories of hope and courage as they Speak Christ to our broken world. We believe that after our event you will be inspired to be involved!

How do I register?

This event is free but you do need to register. To register, please email with your details.

We need you to REGISTER by 2nd February, 2023

What will I need to bring?


A pen and notebook.

When and Where?

1pm to 5pm

11th February, 2023

19 on Green, Green Street, Brompton SA.

Can I just come for the launch?

We would love to see you there for the full event and believe you will be blessed by it all, but if you are only able to make it for the book launch segment, this part of the program will begin at 3pm. Please indicate if you are only coming for the launch when you register.

Books will be for sale at the event.

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